Chesley Lake Fishing


Chesley Lake has a long standing reputation for good fishing.  The clear water, good depth variation and a range of under-water structure provides an excellent habitat for several species including Pickerel, Pike and Bass.  It is popular for fishing year round, offering excellent ice fishing conditions in the winter months.

CLCA partners with the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) to replenish pickerel fish stocks in the lake.  In 2008 a broad scale fisheries monitoring program was implemented by the MNR.  The introduction of Ice Hut registrations by the MNR in 2004 has resulted in fewer permanent ice huts used and left on the ice to float round during spring thaw.  The spawning beds were cleaned by the CLCA in 2009.  Slot and size limits for catches were put in place by the MNR in 2010. 

The Ministry’s goal was to release over 2500 fingerlings into the lake each year over a five-year period which began in 2011.  In the fall of 2017, 5000 Walleye fingerlings were released into Chesley Lake by the Ministry of Natural Resources. 

Lake Data

    Water readings May 20, 2016          
    Depth             Temperature (C)Oxygen (PPM)
10 ft.15.011.1
20 ft.13.811.3
30 ft.12.911.5
40 ft.9.611.1
50 ft.6.810.5
    Phosphorus readings (Provincial acceptable limit is .002 mg / l)
1988.019 mg / l.062 mg / l
2005.013 mg / l .020 mg / l 
2012.008 mg / l.013 mg / l