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June 1, 2018

Attention:  All Residents of Chesley Lake

This is an information letter to all residents of Chesley Lake.

As many of you that attend the cottage association meetings are aware, water sampling and testing has been on going in an effect to keep our lake healthy.

This programme is in cooperation with the lake partner program started by FOCA and also the Ministry of Environment. Water samples are sent to a laboratory in Dorset Ontario and results are posted.

Our 2017 mid-summer total phosphorus results were higher than expected so your lake needs your help.

Phosphorus is mostly the result of human activity and when phosphors enters the lake water it has the ability to increase nutrients and algae blooms, which in turn increases the aging process of the lake. 

I am not a scientist on the subject and am only learning about our lakes environment and its aging process.

There is a lot of information available to those  of you who are interested in this subject from FOCA- use their website and also review some of the handouts you received at the meetings.

I urge those of you who fertilize your lawns to use a 0 phosphous (middle number) product.

The aeration of Chesley Lake is also ongoing as equipment has been updated over the last few years and a newer form of aeration in the use of bubbler hose verses diffusers have been put in place.

Those of you that boat around the eastern side of the island can visibly see the aeration bubbles on the surface as air is dispersed on the bottom and works its way to the surface, all in the effort of introducing more oxygen to the lower levels for the required normal decomposition of organic sediments and help support levels of fishing.

In closing, I urge everyone to do their part in keeping Chesley Lake healthy.  Please visit FOCA resources page to access a wealth of information.  FOCA.ON.CA/resources/. 

If you are not already a member, please consider joining the Chesley Lake Cottage Association to support and participate in our community efforts to keep our lake healthy.  Membership information and the registration form is online at or use the reverse side of this letter to send in and join.

Thanks for your cooperation.

CLCA president,

Wayne Morrison